About Us
HOW IT ALL BEGAN... Peepers began as the colaboration between two Newcastle Mums, Kylie and Gemma.

We discovered the ancient wrap-around style of baby carrying when our first born were about 4 months old,
both having used a few types of baby carriers, including formed carriers and over-the-shoulder slings. Our
lives with our young babies were transformed by the discovery and the seed of inspiration for Peepers was

Over many coffees, nursing our growing bubs, we talked (and talked), and we shopped (and shopped) for
fabrics to inspire us, and multi-tasked our way into this exciting venture!

We're so passionate about Peepers from our own experience, we want to share it with as many other mums
and dads as we can and we are really looking forward to seeing our ideas for Peepers come to fruition...

TIME HAS PASSED... In 2011, Gemma had a second baby, Kylie went back to uni and took on Peepers as a
sole venturer and in the beginning of 2012 welcomed her own second baby to the world!

AS AT JULY 2012... Things being chaotic with an active 2.5 year old and a 5 month old baby, Peepers is on
hold for a few months until I can make time to continue to do justice to my aspirations for Peepers, so keep
your peepers open for Peepers in the future!
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